Coverage Terms & What They Mean

LIABILITY - Bodily injury and property damage (also known as PI/PD )

This coverage pays damages for which you’re liable arising from injuries or death caused by you or property damage also caused by yourself. It pays up to the amount shown on your policy first for one person injured in an accident and the second limit (15,000/30,000) in this case the $30,000 would pay for the bodily injury if more than one person injured in the accident. The third number on the coverages (15,000/30,000/10,000) pays the property of others, in this case it would cover $10,000.


Pays up the policy limits for hospital cost and other medical expenses for bodily injury to you and other in your car, when such injury is caused by an uninsured /underinsured driver or a hit and run driver. Limits up to your Bodily injury Liability limits are available. If hit by an  motorist be sure to get the license number of the vehicle so your insurance carrier can find out if he or she in indeed uninsured.


Medical payments coverage pays up to policy limits for medical and/or funeral expenses for each family member and other passengers in your car who are injured or killed.


Comprehensive coverage pays for damages to your car caused by fire theft, and direct accidental damage less the deductible.


Collision pays for damage to your car caused by upset or collision with another object, less any deductible. Both comprehensive and collision are usually required if your car is financed.


Pays towing and labor repair costs at place of disablement up to amount shown.


This will pay up to the policy limit a daily amount for a rental car while your car is in the shop for body repair after an accident.